What is the Perley Rideau Lifelong Learning Program?

Built on the philosophy that learning has no age limit, the Perley Rideau Lifelong Learning Program offers in-person classes and studio sessions that encourage participants to learn, to grow and to connect with others who share common interests. Different from university art classes or lectures, participants will enjoy a welcoming and collaborative learning environment without the pressure of grades or exams. Courses are open to anyone with a passion for learning, including residents of the Perley Rideau, volunteers, tenants, family and all members of the Ottawa community.

Participants can choose from a selection of studio-based and lecture-based courses led by engaging instructors who are experts in their fields. Studio-based courses provide hands-on learning in the creative arts, including music and visual art. Lecture-based courses explore topics through presentations, discussions, short films and reading materials. Courses cost $100 for 4 weeks and $150 for 6 weeks, not including the cost of materials, if applicable.

All courses are held in existing facilities at the Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre. Located in the Alta Vista community, the Perley Rideau is the ideal location to build an active and supportive learning environment. The centre is in many ways a village, offering apartments for independent seniors, long-term resident care, fully-equipped ceramic art and painting studios, spacious meeting rooms, a cafeteria, a pharmacy, an art gallery and more. Parking will be validated for registered participants.

Caregivers attend for free. When accompanying an individual to one of our Lifelong Learning classes, caregivers are welcome to join us at no charge.

Here are the links to the Perley Rideau Active Learning Program and the spring 2018 Course Catalogue.


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