This is the formal circulation of the planning application noted above. Below is a link to the application on the City’s Development Application Search Tool where you will find information about the application and all of the submitted plans, reports, surveys and accompanying documents you will need to review the application. Also attached is the application summary. postingplans/appDetails.jsf? lang=en&appId=__AYYR8P

Deadline date for comments: March 14  2018

Below is a copy of the application, which can also be found on the City of Ottawa website

Site Plan Control Proposal Summary
Manager Approval, Public Consultation
File Number: D07-12-18-0004 Date: February 14, 2018
Comments due date: March 14, 2018
Applicant: Controlex Corp. Planner: Sean Moore
Email: Ward: 18 – Alta Vista
Phone: 613-723-7490 x 108 Councillor: Jean Cloutier
Owner: 1663321 Ontario Inc.
Site Location:
The site is municipally addressed as 200, 230, 260 Steamline Street, as shown on the
attached location map. The property is an irregular shape, approximately 35,800 square
metres in size. It is a corner lot with 88 metres of frontage on Sanford Fleming Avenue
and 307 metres of frontage on the future Steamline Street.
Surrounding the site are the following:
Industrial uses and two commercial office buildings on Terminal Avenue to the
Canada Post distribution centre, Riverside Drive, and the Transit way to the west; Industrial uses, Industrial Avenue, and residential uses to the south; and
A commercial shopping centre to the east.
Applicant’s Proposal
The City of Ottawa has received a Site Plan application for the development of the first of three phases of a seven-building high-rise development. The first phase of the proposal consists of two buildings, 15 and 22 storeys high, with a total of 414 units. Roadway Modifications may be required.
Proposal Details
The site was previously used for light-industrial and commercial purposes. Most
recently, the long building on the site was a distribution centre and large truck training
school, with offices, but has since been demolished.
The proposal includes three phases of development, for an ultimate buildout of seven
high-rise residential buildings containing approximately 1,884 units total. The units per
phase are as follows:
Phase 1 – 414 units total
100 Steamline: 157 units
200 Steamline: 257 units
Phase 2 – 865 units total
300 Steamline: 265 units
400 Steamline: 330 units
500 Steamline: 270 units
Phase 3 – 605 units total
600 Steamline: 275 units
700 Steamline: 330 units
This application includes some details of the future phases; however, is mainly concerning the first phase of development. The site and landscape plans show one entrance into this phase from Steamline Street, and a single drop-off loop from Sandford Flemming Avenue. A small surface parking area is shown next to the ramp leading to a large, two-storey, underground parking area. This phase will include 556 resident parking spaces and 41 visitor parking spaces.
The exterior treatment of the buildings proposed in this phase are largely made out of glass with portions of the building shown in white opaque cladding. Glass enclosed balconies appear to be included for the majority of the units. Both high-rises, 22 and 15 storeys tall, have a six storey podium.
Related Planning Applications
Roadway Modifications
Roadway Modifications may be required.
Timelines and Approval Authority
The “On Time Decision Date”, the target date upon which a decision on the application is to be rendered by the Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Department, via delegated authority, is April 7, 2017.
How to Provide Comments:
For additional information or to provide your comments go through or contact*:
Sean Moore
Development Review South
110 Laurier Avenue West, 4th floor
Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1
613-580-2424, ext. 16481
*Please provide comments by March 14, 2017.