Ecology Ottawa, a local grassroots environmental organization, is planning a busy 2018 and we need your community association’s help.

Below, you will find two requests for action. We hope you can take the time to respond by February 28th. We look forward to building a better Ottawa with your community’s help.

1. Survey

Ecology Ottawa is conducting a research project on the state of active transportation – that is, human-powered transportation such as walking or cycling – in Ottawa. As part of this project, we are reaching out to community associations to get an assessment of the challenges and opportunities for active transportation. It is our hope that, with a better understanding of the problems and opportunities on the active transportation file, we will be able to help build a city that works well for transportation users of every type, age and ability.

Do you have a few minutes to fill out this short survey? We would very much appreciate your feedback.

You can fill in the survey using the following link:

2. Can you tell us about the top three environmental concerns in your community?

Ecology Ottawa is reaching out to community associations across the city to better understand neighbourhood- and community-level environmental concerns. What are the environmental issues that are of utmost concern to you and the residents in your community?

Please email with the top three environmental concerns in your community.

We will follow up with your email and provide options for deeper engagement on the issues identified. This is part of a broader community engagement strategy, with other components to roll out this spring.

3. Training content:

I also wanted to let you know about a leadership development program that Ecology Ottawa is hosting. Are there volunteers at your community association who might benefit from leadership training? In April and May, we will be holding three day-long workshops on weekends. The first two (on Saturday, April 28 and Sunday, April 29) will involve training in engagement organizing from the Institute for Change Leaders, led by Olivia Chow. The third, at a date to be determined in May, is designed to provide a city-wide overview of pressing environmental issues and solutions, and an overview of the tools at citizens’ disposal for taking action.

Please feel free to contact them if you need any additional information. You can call Ecology Ottawa anytime, the number is 613 860-5353