“We have recently become aware that businesses have been delivering advertisements and notices door-to-door throughout Alta Vista, which provide information that appears to be from the City of Ottawa. These notices use the City of Ottawa letterhead and logo above a page of information, with an advertisement for a business on the alternate side.

 If you are ever unsure as to whether notices delivered to your home were prepared and delivered by the City of Ottawa, please do not hesitate to contact my office. We are able to confirm whether it was sent by the City, and to verify that the information provided is correct.

 Residents are reminded that:

·        City employees do not contact residents to sell products or services

·        City notices do not recommend businesses for private work

·        City notices will include contact information for a specific person or department

·        Except for emergency situations, home access is scheduled in advance

·        City employees carry identification at all times – you have the right to ask for ID

·        City employees always travel in City of Ottawa logo-identified marked vehicles

·        Should you have concerns or wish to report suspicious visits or calls, please contact 3-1-1, or my office directly at (613) 580-2488