We have great news to report! The Art and Photo Sale was a huge success. We had 97 artistic donations from 22 artists and a wonderful space for the show donated by Wall Space Framing, Trainyards. It was bustling all day and at day’s end, we had raised almost $3400.00!

The Fabulous Fifty Fundraiser is also progressing very well. 33 generous individuals have come forward and joined the effort. To date we have raised $2250.00. It is astounding how much donating the price of one or two cups of coffee a week over 12 weeks can raise when spread among many.

Our grand total moving into Christmas is $5,450.00. This will cover the rent for our family of 7 for five months and hopefully before then, the family will be on their way to Canada.

The family is thrilled and relieved as their own resources were running very thin after almost two years waiting in Beirut. As a committee and as a community, we are very relieved as we feared the family might despair and return to Syria.

This is the best Christmas gift we could give to the family and we thank all who participated. The artists were generous and so talented. The Wall Space owners could not have been more helpful. We extend our sincere thanks to all who helped both initiatives be so successful.

We are not stopping. We have 33 Fabulous Fifty individuals and we hope to get to the magic number of 50 early in the new year. We hope you will keep spreading the word that a small donation can make a very big difference—and we hope that being one of those who has made such a difference this year to one family will enrich your Christmas celebrations with your loved ones. All best wishes for the holidays.

The ITC Committee (It Takes a Community Refugee Action Group)