Yesterday, newspaper giants Postmedia and Torstar announced they were swapping 34 community newspapers with the intention of shutting them down to consolidate advertizing revenues within their flagship dailies.

This includes the Ottawa South News, which is the voice of community news, pressing issues and events of importance to Alta Vista residents in general, and Elmvale Acres residents in particular. Local newspapers build and sustain the fabric of our communities — to silence them is to silence you, the local resident.

When the our fledgling community association challenged the RioCan development at 1910 St.Laurent, the Ottawa South News delivered our message and helped advance our cause. The newspaper has also reported on school closures, community safety concerns, infrastructure and public service issues affecting Elmvale Acres residents.

Our community newspaper has been there for us — it’s time for us to return the favour.

The Elmvale Acres Community Association has launched a petition to have the Competition Bureau of Canada intervene in this newspaper deal that would strip the voice of communities like ours. Please click the link highlighted below to view and sign the petition.

Kindest regards,

EACA executive

Please go to the link below to sign the petition: