Thank you all for attending the meeting on Monday, October 30th to discuss safety on Coronation Avenue. Staff and I have heard your comments, and I want to assure you that we share your concerns. Speeding along Coronation Avenue is, without a doubt, a serious and ongoing issue, and we are committed to finding long-term, practical solutions.

The action items arising from the community meeting for myself and for staff are as follows:

         Riley Carter, Traffic Assessment Specialist, has sent requests for traffic counts at the intersections of Chomley, Botsford and Weyburn to reassess the potential for All Way Stop Control (AWSC). These counts should be completed within the next four weeks

·         He will also send the data to the Pedestrian Crossover (PXO) department to determine whether a PXO might be feasible somewhere along Coronation Ave.

·         Once we have received the new data, we will send it via email along with the previously collected data, which Riley used to answer your questions during the meeting, for your review

·         Riley has sent a request to Traffic Operations to review the signal timing at the intersection of Russell and Industrial to confirm that it is operating at an appropriate length and interval

·         Cst. Burleau will take note of the collective request for police enforcement along Coronation, but encourages residents to Make the Right Call:

Ensuring that residents have peace of mind when enjoying our great neighbourhood is vital to the growth and development of our community. I encourage you to report any traffic violations, to the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) by calling 613-236-1222 ext 7300, or online at These reports are considered when deciding where increased patrols should be focused.