Dr. Norman Hillmer, Carleton’s much-honoured Chancellor’s Professor for History and International Affairs, will lead our sixth session – on William Lyon Mackenzie King – celebrating Canada’s prime ministers in our sesquicentennial year.
The free event is scheduled for 7:00 p.m., Monday, October 30 in Room L120  at 233 Main Street (at the northern end of the southern building (Lamframboise) of Saint Paul University). Details attached.
Once again, there is much to celebrate in considering prime minister King: “[T]he longest-serving prime minister’s record is unmatched in Canadian politics and government. King gained independence from the British Empire; founded the welfare state; navigated the perils of the 1939-45 war and the early Cold War; smoothly guided his cabinet and caucus; intuitively understood and responded to popular attitudes; and made his Liberals the government party. Most of all, King never lost sight of Canadian unity, particularly in wartime…” (Hector Mackenzie).
The subsequent session is on Pierre Trudeau and will be led by Dr. Paul Litt, November 29, 2017.