This October, Ecology Ottawa is organizing EcoFest, our 10th anniversary celebration. This event will be an opportunity to celebrate not just Ecology Ottawa’s successes, but that of the entire environmental community in Ottawa. We would like to demonstrate the scale, strength and diversity of the environmental movement with 1200 guests attending, over 80 community partners, organizations and businesses. There will also be a series of speakers and a keynote from Olivia Chow.

Local environmental organization Ecology Ottawa is throwing the biggest environmental party yet! Make sure to get your ticket!  Don’t miss out https://eo_ecofest.eventbrite.ca

Ecology Ottawa continues to do great things for our community, support them by attending the largest environmental party ever!

Tickets are only $35, and we offer a discount if you buy 10 or more tickets. Please find the link to buy your ticket here: eo_ecofest.eventbrite.ca.