Project start date: January 2018 – Project completion date:  Fall of 2018

Affected streets: Chapman Boulevard, Weston Drive, Ruth Street, Wingate Drive, Dorval Avenue, Alton Street, Haig Drive, Pleasant Park Road, Fairdale Avenue, Cork Street, Camrose Street

Hydro Ottawa will be hosting an information session to provide details regarding this project. It will take place at Dempsey Community Centre, 1895 Russell Road, on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m.

Stand Up to Standby Power: 4 Ways to Reduce Energy Use

Did you know your appliances and electronics constantly consume energy as long as they’re plugged in? Yes, even when you think they’re turned off. It’s a phenomenon that’s known as ‘phantom’ or ‘standby’ power, and can account for up to 10% of your monthly bill. Fortunately, we have four tips to help keep phantom power in the dark.

1. Unused? Unplug!

Devices that draw the most phantom power include computer equipment, TVs, cable and satellite boxes, game consoles, DVD players and stereos. Even rechargeable devices such as mobile phones and tablets continue to use electricity when turned off or finished charging. Ensuring that any unused devices remain unplugged can go a long way in decreasing energy consumption and, in turn, your electricity bill.

2. ENERGY STAR = Efficiency

Shopping for a new dishwasher, refrigerator or other appliance? Products featuring the ENERGY STAR symbol are tested and certified to meet or exceed high efficiency standards. Visit Natural Resources Canada for more information.

3. Timed Power Bar

Already at work but left your computer plugged in? No need to worry. Many power bars on the market feature timers that ensure your devices are fully off when you’re not around. This is particularly useful for computers, Wi-Fi routers, charging your mobile devices and more.

4. Hydro Ottawa Mobile App: Receive Real-Time Energy-Saving Tips

There’s a reason our mobile app has been called a personal energy advisor. Features such as push notifications, cost projects and access to relevant, appliance-specific data help you plan your energy usage to conserve more of it and save on electricity. Discover all energy-saving features within in the app by downloading it today.

Power Out?
To report a power outage and for information on current outages, please call our 24/7 outage line at 613-738-0188.