Key Activities this Month
Level of construction will be reduced until the spring when the ground conditions are not frozen. The key activities anticipated for the month of April 2017 include:
Storm Sewer Installation
 The VIA post tensioned culvert sections have been placed, grouting of the steel grillage
clear stone and post tension tubes will be completed when water levels are low 2017.
 Reinforced concrete saddles over the large box storm sewer will be constructed in April 2017.
Old Riverside Drive
 Installation of the narrow foot print Durisol retaining wall adjacent to 1725 Old Riverside started in March 2017 and will continue into April 2017.
 Construction of the Redi‐Rock Retaining wall will start in April 2017, following completion of the Durisol retaining wall construction.
 Construction of the south cul‐de‐sac on Old Riverside Drive will commence in April 2017.
Transitway Structures
 Construction of the RSS walls will commence in April 2017
 Backfilling of Transitway structure will continue in April 2017
VIA Rail Structure
 Excavation and forming for VIA structure footings will be completed in March 2017 such
that the pier and abutment footings can be poured in April 2017.
 Construction of footings for the piers and abutments will commence in April 2017 following
completion of footing excavation and forming in March 2017.
Alta Vista Drive
 Roadway construction may start in April 2017 for the intersection of Alta Vista Drive and the Hospital Link depending on weather conditions. This work will include the installation of underground utilities, streetlighting, and traffic signals.