We all love our community paper, but without Distributors unfortunately not all of our neighbours will be able to enjoy home delivery.  Please consider the volunteer opportunity below.  It’s only five times a year!
Helping your community.
Area Captains and Distributors needed by the Riverview Park Review Community Newspaper for 5 times a year (The first week of February, April, June, October and December).
Area Captains do drop offs at several locations (To be decided.). Distributors are needed for the following streets:
1. Edgecombe and Halstead (45), 2. Botsford and Hastings (40), 3. Saunderson between the Perley Rideau & Smyth Road (30), 4. the north side of Smyth Road from the churches to Vincent Massey School (35), 5. Sienna Private and Santa Cruz Private off Rolland Avenue (90) and Blair Court (75).
The RPR signs for volunteer hours or will pay per route. If you are able to help please contact Carole Moult, 613-731-6646 or e-mail: cmoult@sympatico.ca