The Elmvale Community Association needs your help!
Please come and make a donation at St. Aidan’s Church on August 21st to help us with the next step in the Elmvale Mall redevelopment process.  During this meeting,  we will hear an update from the Urban Planner who will be representing our association through the final planning process.
All donations will be used to pay for the services of the Urban Planner who will help us develop a strategy that will address the community’s concerns and optimize our chance for success!
For further information regarding the proposed re-development or about our association – please visit our website at:
Upcoming Important Dates
1.)  Fundraising Rally – August 21, 2016 – St. Aidans Church at 12 noon.
2.) Meeting September 13, 2016 – RioCan and Elmvale Acres Community Association:
*Urban Planner Rory Baksh from Dillon Consulting will be in attendance with the community association.
3.) Community Visioning Exercise: RioCan and Residents of Alta Vista – September 17th, 2016.