Beginning in September 2016, the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) will be undertaking a series of reviews to examine student learning and pupil accommodation. While most areas of the City of Ottawa will be part of a review at some point over the next 5 years, there are 2 reviews which will begin in September; the Western Area review and the Eastern Secondary Review.
 The Western Area review involves 22 elementary and 4 secondary schools – essentially all schools which feed into Bell, Merivale, Sir Robert Borden and Woodroffe high schools.
 The Eastern Secondary review involves 3 secondary schools – Rideau, Gloucester and Colonel By high schools.
These reviews are designed to enhance opportunities for student learning. The OCDSB needs to balance changes in enrolment with changes in provincial funding. The reviews will examine issues such as enrolment projections, program offerings, space utilization, building condition, school boundaries, and grade configurations. A proposed plan with recommendations for change based on all of these factors will be made at the start of each review. The types of changes that could be proposed include:
 changes in grade structure at a particular school (e.g., a K-5 school could become K-6 or a 9-12 school could become a 7-12 school);
 changes in program offerings (e.g., a school could have the English program or the Middle or Early French Immersion programs added or removed);
 changes to school boundaries (the catchment area for a school could change);
 school or program relocation (e.g., a school or program could be moved from one building to another); and/or
 school closure (e.g., a school building could be closed).
Over the summer, school board staff will be undertaking research and preparing detailed reports to Committee of the Whole. Those reports will be considered on September 7, 2016. The reports must include a proposed plan for changes to schools in the review area. The report will also outline the consultation process. At this time, you should know that there will be two public meetings for each review area and there will be opportunities to provide feedback electronically. There will also be an advisory committee for each review, made up of one school council representative from each school in the review area. The Board of Trustees will consider all of the feedback on the proposed plans in February 2017 and will make final decision in March 2017.
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As issues affecting schools are important to community associations, we wanted to make you aware of the work we have planned. The school district is committed to working through this process with school communities. More detail, including background information, key dates, and ways you can provide feedback is included on our website at
Thank you for your ongoing support of public education.