The RPCA recently endorsed Bookmark the Core.  Thus we ask that you take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire on  the Central Library’s location / site

They are concerned  that some of the statements are biased toward LeBreton Flats. For example, very positive responses to “the location should have plenty of parking” or “a public green space” could be used in support of LeBreton Flats more easily than a potential downtown site.
Bookmark the Core favours a location that:
– Is in the traditional downtown core, bounded by the Canal, Wellington, Bronson and Somerset
-Allows a visit to the library to be within walking distance of shopping, city services and popular destinations like the Rideau Centre.

-Is near an LRT station (and there will be three LRT stations in the downtown core east of Bronson) and easily accessible on foot or by

Help shape the criteria that will be used to evaluate potential locations for the new flagship Ottawa Central Library. You have until Thursday, June 9 (midnight) to complete the questionnaire,
or by using public access computers available at any of the
Ottawa Public Library’s 33 branches.

It only takes two minutes to complete and is open till midnight on Thur. June 9th.

The questionnaire is an opportunity for you to rate a list of location factors that was developed with community input, technical  expertise, and best practice research.  This is your opportunity to identify what is important to you in selecting a site for this city-building initiative. The Ottawa Public Library (OPL) Board will be asked to approve the evaluation criteria and weighting at the July 12 meeting.

In a concurrent process the OPL, working with the City of Ottawa, launched a call-out to identify publicly- and privately-owned sites within the city’s Central Area that could be suitable for the Ottawa Central Library.  The sites identified through the call-out, which closed on May 20, will be compiled in a site inventory that will be made public after the  site criteria are approved.

The sites in the inventory will be evaluated and analyzed against the Board-approved criteria. This will result in a short-listing of potential sites, which will undergo financial analysis and due diligence. The OPL Board will make a decision before the end of the year regarding the financial framework, potential partnership with Library and Archives Canada (LAC), a project delivery method, and location. The OPL Board will recommend a best approach to Ottawa City Council.

Ground-breaking for the Ottawa Central Library is expected
in the spring of 2018 with official opening of a new iconic
library in 2020.