As presented at our meeting of May 9th, the Canada Science and Technology Museum is looking to build a world-class Science Park that ignites innovation in science and technology. The Museum will be working with citizens to develop a visionary master plan for their open space out front of their property.

What do you think this park could look like? Consider participating:

Online consultation opens:
June 3, 10am

Public Consultations

Friday June 3, 12pm to 8pm at the Dempsey Community Centre, Ottawa
(1895 Russell Rd, Ottawa, K1G 0N1)

Saturday June 4, 12pm to 2pm beside the Horticulture Building at Lansdowne Park (1525 Princess Patricia Way, Ottawa, K1S 5J3

Sunday June 12, 11am to 3pm at the Billings Estate (2100 Cabot
Street Ottawa, K1H 6K1)

Saturday June 25, 11am to 4pm at the Canada Science and Technology Museum grounds (1867 St-Laurent Boulevard, Ottawa, K1G 5A3)

For additional details, please visit