Monday May 2, 2016 @ 6:30 pm

Alta Vista Transportation Corridor (AVTC) Hospital Link Walk-throughThis is your chance to see for yourself what is happening and to provide input!

The RPCA has arranged with Councillor Cloutier’s office for a walk-through along the Hospital Link where the road is currently being constructed (Between Alta Vista Drive and the Hospital Ring Road) . This is a chance to learn about and provide input on tree-planting, berms and other landscaping designs and paths. The walk will also consider potential locations for new sledding hill to replace the one being removed during construction of the Hospital Link – and will include also look at area west of School baseball diamond.

The lead city engineer for the project, Bruce Kenny, will lead the tour. Councillors Cloutier and Chernushenko and City staff from Planting & Community Outreach will be there as well.

The exercise is scheduled for Monday, May 2nd, 6:30pm. We will meet at the the Riverview Alternative School (260 Knox Crescent) , on the asphalt playground just west of the school . The walk-through is expected to take around an hour and will be followed by a chance to debrief and provide more input. Information gathered during this event will feed into the landscape design plans for this sector of the AVTC and will help form the basis of material that will be presented at a later public open house.

Grounds may be quite damp, so we recommend appropriate footwear

If you have any questions or concerns in advance of this event, you may contact RPCA President Kris Nanda ( or Alison Lynch at Councillor Cloutier’s office and 613.580.2424 x28490