Will Riverview Park be such a Community?

You have seen in the media the desperate plight of millions of Syrian refugees who have had to flee their homes due to war raging around them and are seeking a new place to live. Riverview Park has great schools, parks and recreational facilities, various religious support networks, a good deal of affordable housing, and opportunities to connect with people of all ethnic and linguistic backgrounds. As such, Riverview Park is ideally suited to welcoming a Syrian refugee family.
The purpose of this letter is to “test the waters” in the community. If there is sufficient support, the “It Takes a Community Refugee Action Group “(ITC), a group of community volunteers will take the lead and the Riverview Park Community Association (RPCA) is prepared to lend a willing hand with some funding, expertise and community connections. If we are to proceed, the ITC earnestly needs you and other members of Riverview Park to be part of an initiative endorsed by the RPCA to support a family that has chosen Canada as their home. We have attached a brief survey that we ask you to complete. It will only take 5-10 minutes of your time; it does not commit you to anything, but it will give us the pulse of the community. Your responses are needed.
No one sponsors a family alone. It takes money, but much more than money. It takes expertise, time, knowledge of community resources, in-kind donations and a lot of heart. Groups and communities make it happen by pulling together. It takes a core group who will be active with the family for a full year and a larger group who contribute for short periods of time in specific ways.

We hope that Riverview Park will be one of the exemplary Ottawa communities that open its hearts, pockets and resources and make a difference. Your reply to the survey will be appreciated by February 14, 2016. We will let you know the results via e-mail and the RPCA website at https://rpca.wordpress.com.

 Please address any questions to Lynne Bezanson at mlynneb@magma.ca.

 Click here to access the Survey:



“It Takes a Community Refugee Action Group “(ITC) and the Riverview Park Community Association (RPCA)