Confederation Line Construction Hurdman Station Construction Begins August 2015

As part of the O-Train Confederation Line project, construction of the future light rail transit (LRT) stations and guideway is underway this summer as the Transitway between Hurdman and Blair remains closed to convert the Transitway to LRT.

Future LRT Hurdman Station Construction
WHY: A new Hurdman Station will be built to accommodate LRT.
WHAT: A new station built north of the existing one to accommodate LRT. A temporary bus loop is also being constructed adjacent to the existing station to continue Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service during construction.
Crews have mobilized onsite to continue elevated guideway construction. The type of construction activities planned for this site include: elevated guideway construction, demolition of existing buildings onsite, electrical works and removals, station structure work (foundations, walls, platforms, roof), installation of stairs, escalators and elevators, track work and systems installation as well as final mechanical, electrical and finishing works.
WHEN: Guideway construction is ongoing. Station construction is scheduled to begin in the Fall of 2015 and anticipated to conclude in early 2017. Testing and commissioning is scheduled to occur after construction is completed and the station will open for revenue service in spring 2018.
Site mobilization, including equipment and trailers – ongoing as required
Elevated guideway construction – ongoing until Summer 2016
Multi-use pathway access – detours ongoing throughout construction
Station construction – Fall 2015
Final station landscaping works – Spring/Summer 2017
Testing and Commissioning –2017
New Hurdman Station opens – Spring 2018

WHERE: Construction will occur within the construction staging area. Fencing and signage will be in place indicating the parameters of the area.

Sidewalks and Multi-Use Pathways
Sidewalks and pathway access will be maintained, slight detours are required throughout station and guideway construction. Signage is in place indicating detours.

OC Transpo
The Transitway between Hurdman and Blair is now closed until 2018. The Hurdman Station has moved slightly east of the current location and continues to be in service with some routes being adjusted to accommodate the ongoing construction work. These route adjustments will be in place until 2018. For further details, please visit

Contact Information
For any problems encountered outside normal working hours on weekdays and weekends, please call the City’s contact centre at 3-1-1. For general project information or to sign up for weekly construction emails please check the O-Train Confederation Line website: