Riverview Park Skiing the AVC on Wednesday nights

or snowshoeing…
or even just walking.
We have been discussing for a long time, picking an evening in winter to get out to do a ski night from Alta Vista to the Perley and
back. Or at whatever point you’d like to join in.
Ladies. Gentlemen. Kidlets. Pooches. All are welcome!  Weather permitting, plan is to meet at the inlet at Cluny and Knox at 7:30 and go from there to Alta Vista and then up to the Perley and back.
Paths/trails nearer the fencing. You can join in anywhere
along the way. Total time is about 45 minutes at a fast walk
or slow ski. A good healthy outing to break up the week.
No need to RSVP. See you out there if you can make it.