At the October 26th RPCA AGM, David McGuinty, MP Ottawa South was asked a question by a resident in regards to the removal of the mail drop slot at Canada Post’s mail processing facility at 1424 Sandford Fleming Ave (near Alta Vista).  In response to the question Mr. McGuinty’s office inquired with Canada Post about the closure, and were informed that it was due to maintenance and safety issues. It apparently did not always function the way it was supposed to, and the mail items landed directly onto a conveyor belt in the heart of the plant, hence the safety issue.

They were also informed that Canada Post is slated to implement a major “postal transformation” in 2012. They will be briefing Mr. McGuinty at some point in the New Year and they will update the RPCA community association of any developments.   For resident’s information, post boxes are in place outside the Canada Post building on Sandford Fleming Avenue and the mail is retrieved from these boxes per the schedule posted on them.