On Thursday October 6th a group representing the community and the City met at Coronation Park with Pierre Molina of Falcon Environmental Services to explore options to address the problem of the excessively large crow roost in Riverview Park. Falcon Environmental Services is frequently called in to help disperse birds causing problems at airports and is familiar with the difficulties and health issues associated with mass congregations of crows.

Pierre suggested that a multi-faceted approach will be needed to encourage the current winter roost to move to a more environmentally acceptable area. The crows, which are a very intelligent bird, will need to be conditioned to find the residential areas less attractive and on-going measures will need to be in place to prevent their return. These measures will, apparently be quite expensive and will be very noisy for any residents who are living close to the roosts.  The RPCA is eagerly awaiting Pierre’s report on possible actions which we could take and thank Councillor Hume for setting up the meeting.

Chris Mark, Chair, Parks and Recreation Committee, RPCA